He is a 5 years experience rails developer, currently work at SkillUp Japan R&D Department which is located at Shibuya tokyo (東京渋谷), and he addresses to provide best solution for rails web application, from server side to client side, but most interested part is making opensource component for rails or ruby. He is also a mobile developer mostly focus on iOS development.

Main developer and manager of ITJob.fm.

Michael He

  • Github: github.com/hlxwell
  • Blog: hlxwell.github.com
  • Email & GTalk: hlxwell@gmail.com
  • Skills: Mac, Textmate, MySQL, Mongodb, jQuery, Rails, Ruby, linux server, amazon-ec2, redis, SSO, CAS, Flex, Objective-C, iOS, Cocoa, Rails souce code, nginx, git
  • Personal Projects:

iOS projects:

  1. iSafePlayer A five stars anti-theft iPhone application. more details at: www.isafeplayer.com http://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/isafeplayer-theft-alarm-security/id471335004?l=en&mt=8

  2. iTouchWord A tool to let you learning new words through tapping on picture. http://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/itouchword/id492486378?l=en&mt=8

Rails opensource projects:

  1. Mail Engine: A Rails engine which used to manage:
    • email template visually
    • manage all mail log
    • Mail sending report https://github.com/hlxwell/mail-engine
  2. User Center: A full solution of SSO, which based on CAS protocal, and also used a little tricks to solve crossdomain cookie communication problem. https://github.com/hlxwell/user_center

  3. Report Engine: By a simple DSL config on model, you could get Line, pie, bar charts on a admin page. https://github.com/hlxwell/report_engine

  4. cap-ssh-key-man: Used to deploy sshkey to all servers, by one capistrano command. https://github.com/hlxwell/cap-ssh-key-man